Science vs Christianity

I love science, despite our final deadlines for Biology and Chemistry coursework assignments edging closely by. In Biology A level Edexcel currently, we’ve just finished studying the ideas about ‘Evolution’, yet somehow even my Biology teacher finds it quite awkward teaching me these theories “because you’re a Christian and Christians don’t agree with science”. Is that really true?

Christian people in general do have a pretty basic idea of how they think the world was created. We believe that God created it. Though there are many theories and opinions and ideas surrounding that, it really comes down to God as the creator.

God vs Science - Dr Tim WhiteFor one reason or another, many Christians have decided that because scientists have tried to track down specific ways in which the Earth came to be (as they should, because that’s their job), they are obviously trying to stamp out Christianity and all that they believe in.

It’s simply not true, and a lot of us are smart enough to know it. There are Christians out there who are also scientists, after all and some who believe in evolution! Now, some of my Christian friends would disagree with me about some of my beliefs such as whether or not the universe really was created in 7 days or not, but some of us are able to look at the facts drawn up by science and accept that it doesn’t oppose our belief system in any way.

We can still believe that God created the universe even while believing that species of birds have evolved over time, the idea that God and science are mutually exclusive is just plain silly even if at first glance they may not appear to fit perfectly hand in hand.

Some might think that this is due to the fact that Christians don’t know nearly as much about the universe as non-Christians. Well, If you lined up all of the Christians who have ever lived, you’d find a lot of brain surgeons, biologists, psychologists, scientists, engineers, mathematicians, writers, and many more whose intelligence would be at least equal to, if not greater than, their non-Christian peers.

What people are really trying to say when they say that Christians don’t have a clue about the universe and its origins is that they think it’s insane for a person to believe in something that can’t be proven. That’s a pretty logical statement, but is believing in things that can’t be seen or proven really all that crazy? Does that necessarily make a person unintelligent or clueless?

Personally I believe that as far as I’m concerned, Christianity and ‘Science’ whether it be natural or social don’t contradict each other but instead they complement each other – especially as this word ‘Science’ which came from the Latin literally ‘to know’. If you came to me with some extremely intelligent scientific argument, frankly I probably wouldn’t know enough about it to argue against it, but I don’t think I’ve ever met a human being that really knew enough about one or the other to argue it either way.

9 thoughts on “Science vs Christianity

  1. Nicely written, it always stumped me as an unnecessary topic (creation), to have dispute over, since 1) the beginning is not the message of Christianity, merely a universal logistic which people are wayyyyy too curious about 2) as you said nothing disproves one another.
    I remember at my youth group (which was christian) i would always get really annoyed when they would preach of the 6day creation story since how could days even occur without a bloody sun or dimension of time! I always took the 6 days as 6 stages of irrelevant lengths of time to God, basically just illustrating the logic and care He took at each stage.
    As for evolution, eugh why should anyone ever think this goes against the story that humans were made in his image. Why can’t God be the logarithm (for lack of a better word) behind evolution, the intelligence driving it? That way he is still controlling and creating just in a beautifully natural way without just going POW here’s a giraffe i just thought up. I think the creation of evolution is one of the most beautiful parts of nature anyway!
    IDK im waffling i just wanted to churn out some words about an article i found thought provoking and agreeable.


    1. Thanks mate! Yeah, there are so many arguments either way really but no-one ever stops to think that they go together, haha I try not to waffle to much and just get straight to the point nowadays, you’ve got a great insight mate, thanks for the encouragement means a lot! :D


  2. Great read Ben, I find that people look at subjects such as these too black and white: either you’re with it or against it. Although it may sound a bit like sitting on a fence in some cases, I do not agree with the black and white viewpoint and so I see that things are more of a colourful mess.


    1. Exactly! haha yeah that’s kinda what I was going for in the blog that they compliment each other as opposed to being mutually exclusive. Thought I might be able to throw people off by reading the title :D Thanks!


  3. Always enjoy reading your blogs man – although I was hoping you’d delve into more detail regarding how the theories of evolution and the origins of the universe fit with the teachings of the Bible etc – but still cool post :)


    1. Thanks mate! Yeah, I mean, I’m by far not the smartest on either area and I guess I just wanted to share my opinion really, but thanks for the feedback, might try and add some more information soon. Thanks again though :D


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